Week 6 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

Week 6 banker room 2022, Week 6 Pool Banker 2022, Pool Draw This Week 6 2022 Banker Room

Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2021/2022 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings are highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

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Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.


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  1. Heaven says:

    My week 06 banker is 27xxxx
    Proof :since week 04 position of cheltelham +10 is a draw with correct score( 0x0)

  2. Maths says:

    XXX 37 XXX
    Week 6 is gonna be good.
    My most trusted banker draw is 37xxx.
    Reason: since the season, Gillingham plays the the team under it.
    Secondly, since 2019,the first appearance of Arsenal on coupon plays Stevenage as draw.
    Use it in all your naps and win. Its a draw——XX 37 XX.

  3. Agnes says:

    Good morning my people, admin happy New week. This new season, Kora is playing current movement and not much of old sequence. At least last week result has shown that. So lets follow them that way. My observation currently week4, Bradford c at home no25 next digit up is Cheltenham no15 for one. This week6, Bradford c at home no27 and next digit up Cheltenham no17 for one again. I will go for Cheltenham no17 with this prove, last year week16, Shrewsbury at no29 home while Lincoln at no28 away and draw, Lincoln opponent was sheff wed, d following wk17, sheff wed go meet Cheltenham and draw again. Last week5, Shrewsbury at no29 home and Lincoln at no28 away and draw, Lincoln opponent is Portsmouth, this week, Portsmouth to go and meet Cheltenham and draw. So my week6 pair 17/27 must for one come on sat. Thanks admin. I am d first lady.

  4. Cardiff says:

    Welcome to week 06
    X10X Banker
    Prove, in week 4 Luton was @ 6home, while Preston was @ 11away & both played goaless draw. In week 5, Luton moved to 10away, while Preston stays @12home, & both ended at draw. In week 6, both teams loghorns @ 10 to register final draw with number X10X.
    Admin over to u

  5. Phillip Nna says:

    Good morning everyone.welcom to wk6 back to business..)10*19.36)Nap r
    ef wk4.Hull nd Millwall produce 2drws(6*7). county Hibernian nd de opponent to produce Ipswich *17*look for barrow nd Stevenage to produce one draw 33**now wk6 Hull nd Millwall to produce*10* Hibernian nd opponent to produce*19* Barrow nd Stevenage to produce*36* so play 10*19*36* Nap.admin God bless you sir.. shear to the people

  6. Prof Emeka says:


  7. Gerald says:

    Every week 6 the scoreline of game number 2 in week 5 to draw in week 6 since 2016 ref wk 5-6 1-3 13xxx 2016 wk 5-6 2-3 23xxx 2017 wk 5-6 2-0 20xxx 2018 wk 5-6 3-0 30xxx 2019 wk 5-6 1-1 11xxx 2020 wk 5-6 2-1 21xxx 2021 wk 5-6 0-1 01xxxx 2022

  8. 2022 says:

    Ipswich No:17 home draw
    Harrogate No:27 home fail
    Falkirk No:47 home draw

    Week06 19 pair 49
    Ipswich No:19 home ????
    Harrogate No:29 home ????
    Falkirk No:49 home ????

    Draw lines

  9. Hiddenpole says:

    Middlesbrough @7 to draw, following wk Tottenham on its position.Tottenham scoreline will appear on draw list for the week. Mark it as draw following wk. 2018/19 wk4,5,6. 2022/23 wk4,5,6

  10. Nwanne Precious says:

    35 Walsall on top of the bar
    Count three up to meet Sutton for a draw
    Ref week 4 current.

  11. Goddex says:

    24, 27, 35, 42, 49.
    Prove of 24 since week 4 second game to third bar is draw.
    Prove of 27,35 even week 4 Bradford c at week family number ahead and Sutton at week family behind is two draws.
    Prove of 42 since week 4 c. rangers game up is a draw.
    Prove of 49 in week 42 last season motion failed on 48 the following week 43 Peterhead entered and draw this season week 5 Morton at 49 failed this week Peterhead at 49 to draw

  12. Ify De says:

    Welcome to week 6
    I just discovered this system,i pray it continues.
    Since week 3, the last H at Scottish league to draw. It doesn’t matter whether home or away.
    XXXX 42 XXXX
    XXXX 42 XXXX
    XXXX 42 XXXX

    My pair

    XXXX 20 XXXX
    XXXX 21 XXXX
    Reason every week 06, the above digits draw for one or two. Reff: since 2018.
    Success All!!!

  13. Larry Fans says:

    elcome to week 6, the wek of winning
    Mark Ipswich x M.K Dons (19)
    Ayr utd x Hamilton (41)

    Week 4, 2022
    Ayr Utd under bar home, Ipswich, Harrogate & Falkirk all at home in same family number:
    Ipswich x Bolton 17xx
    Harrogate x Swindon 27FF
    Falkirk x Montrose 47xx

    Ayr to draw under the bar home 41xx


    Week 6, 2022
    Ayr Utd under the bar home, Ipswich, Harrogate & Falkirk all at home in same family:
    Ipswich x M.K Dons 19
    Harrogate x Crawley 29
    Falkirk x Peterhead 49

    Ayr utd to draw under the bar 42

    Mark 19, 42 & 49 as 3/3

    Cheltenham, Bradford City & Walsall all at home in same family number; mark Bradford City to draw.

    Week 4, 2022:
    Cheltenham 15 FF
    Bradforc City 25xx
    Walsall 35FF

    WEEK 6, 2022:
    Cheltenham, Bradford City & Walsall all at home in same family number, mark Bradford City to draw.

    Cheltenham 17 ?
    Bradford City 27 ✓✓
    Walsall 37 ?

    Week 6:

    See you all in week 7:

  14. Uduak says:

    Welcome to week 06 my banker is no19cbk is full time draws proof check week 04 this current season you will see Hull ontop of luton at home wigan, wycombe, Walsall all at home ontop bar Ipswich must share the same family with Harrogate bank on Ipswich to draw so Bank on no19cbk ✓✓✓ 19✓✓✓19✓✓✓ is full time draw, on Friday morning I will post the complete game in discussion room stay tuned bank on no19cbk thanks and regards

  15. Bemigo says:

    WK06=XX20XX PAIR XX30??.
    Since last season till this season as shown above,the placement of LINCOLYN and LEYTON ORIENT in such pattern with both situated at home is for a pair of one or two draws.
    Meanwhile the details of this information is viewable at the discussion room.

  16. Kross says:

    42 pairs 44
    Week 5
    Queens pack vs Ayr ff
    Partick vs Hamilton x
    Week 6
    Ayr vs Hamilton?
    Patrick vs queens pack?

    Wk 4
    Take note odd numbers
    Wk 5
    Queens pack vs Ayr ff
    Inverness vs Arbroath x

  17. Ibanga says:

    Week 06

    performance so far:

    week04= 40/41√
    week05= 25/28√
    week06= 38/39?


    portvale at number 23 home;
    mark: Hibernian and Motherwell for one draw.

    ref; week 22,2021/22.

  18. Principal says:

    Inverness on coupon count 5up banker.
    Since wk3,4,5

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