Week 45 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

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Week 45 banker room 2022, Week 45 Pool Banker 2022, Pool Draw This Week 45 2022 Banker Room

Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2021/2022 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings are highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.

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Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.


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  1. Bene says:

    Chelsea vs Liverpool….xxx Aberdeen vs st mirren…xxx Hibernian vs st johnsone…xxx Bielefeld vs RB Leipzig…xxx Wolfsburg vs B. Munich 5/5

  2. Classified X says:

    Soccer ‘X’ Research
    Appearance of Aston Villa @ Meet me at, front page.

    Use Aston Villa and the first game of For one X (first game must be a single digit) as an undiluted pair for classified draw on coupon.

    Week 7
    2FFF pair 5XXX = 1/2

    Week 8
    1XXX pair 3XXX = 2/2

    Week 45
    1??? pair 8??? = ?/2

    REF: Current Season

  3. Shadow says:

    I’m interested

  4. Steve says:

    Plus d lotto sequence together
    the answer to give position of
    Juventus as ur draw. 23xxx
    Add home and away and the position of Juventus to give sure draw. 41xxx
    Plus the Saturday and Sunday date of play together to complete it
    Stakers, remember me after winning. Admin sure Sir.

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