Week 36 Pool Banker Room 2022; Weekly Draws

Week 36 banker room 2022, Week 36 Pool Banker 2022, Pool Draw This Week 36 2022 Banker Room

Welcome to our pool banker room for the 2021/2022 season. We highly appreciate your contribution to our pool banker room, your efforts in ensuring prompt weekly winnings are highly valued by all visitors and members of this website.


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Here are the rules and regulations guiding visitors to post/comments banker on this thread. It is important to pay attention to this set of rules or guide in order for you to get your bankers approved by our administrator. Failure to keep to these terms will attract automatic disqualification.


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  1. Mega says:

    Welcome to wk 36, mark draw blw 2xx OR 12xx. REASON: BURNLEY & SAT. Date must be in the same digit away mark it for ONE DRAW. REF: WK 36 2020: 4ff * 14xx. Wk36 2021: 3 ff * 13xx, wk36 2022 : 2 ?? * 12 ?? Plus 3 others MUST. GOODLUCK TO US. Admin. Over 2 you.

  2. Bemigo says:

    Burnley No:03 away ****

    Burnley vs Chelsea No:02 fail

    Chelsea No:03 home ****

    Single draw No:03****

  3. Timo says:

    14xxxxxxpairxxxxx41 proof, game 3 of EXPERT TRIO in blue to draw in purple. Ref current

  4. Georlord says:

    OK I’m Georlord. I will be giving you one banker sure every from now. My banker this week36 2022 is XXX 19 XXX. In SAF that is special advance fixtures, Southampton must be at number 7 both home or away only on purple colour OK, then go to LEAGUE DIV 1 and pick the game under the bar as your fixed DRAW. Ref: WK 12 2017 : WK 16 2018 : WK 16 2021 : WK 32 2021 : WK 36 2021 : and this WK 36 2022. Check it your self. Your success is my concern.

  5. OBB says:

    Week 36
    Banker 07cbk
    Prove for 7, Southampton on odd digit every week of purple is a classic draw
    Ref… Current season

  6. Edet says:

    Since Current season
    Brentford No:02 home

    Wolves away Game up draw
    No:03 draw

    Another proof

    Week35 last week
    C. Rangers vs (P)eterhead No:49
    P=16 draw

    C. Rangers vs (C)lyde No:49
    C=03 draw

    BET No:03 Single draw
    5.60 ODDS

  7. King says:

    Any time accrinton is home at no 19. Mark Ipswich either home or away for a draw. Plus four others. Reff week 15′ 22’32 and 36.


  8. Jovi says:

    My first time. Good work admin.
    My draw banker for the week is
    32CBK Carlisle vs Northampton

    Proof/ Observation: Any purple you find the 7th game in soccer jackpot 12 at front page also placed at CANNOT DRAW column at back page beside DEAD GAME…It becomes a banker draw…
    Ref.WK 4 & WK 24 CURRENT SEASON.

  9. Ibang says:

    WEEK36. Pair 20/37. appearance of rangers at away under the bar, the home team must be six letters. pick rochdale and 20 to form a pair. ref;current

  10. Thomas says:

    WEEK 36,2022

    Pools Telegraph
    (X2) & (2B) of
    TOP TIPS column
    to form a pair
    every Purple


    WEEK 04,2021
    03** pair 20

    WEEK 08,2021
    29** pair 32**

    WEEK 12,2021
    31** pair 09

    WEEK 16,2021
    27** pair 23

    WEEK 20,2021
    02** pair 48

    WEEK 24,2021
    09** pair 07**

    WEEK 28,2022
    42** pair 34**

    WEEK 32,2022
    02 pair 04**

    WEEK 36,2022
    30 pair 25


  11. Dave says:

    The team Wycombe whenever it set at coupon number 30 home is traditional draw. Check week23, week33 and this week36. It also prove that whenever 25 appeared at TRY> in front of capital since season, that very week, 25 is a dead game, the following week, bank on coupon 25 to draw.It also prove that in mirror punters , when a particular number appeared in full list page two game 1&2 failed any week and it repeated the following week, it must supply one or two draws , this week is 4/5 and i pick 4 .Finally when bar cut 41/42 and 30/31, use coupon 37 or 27 by working and I prefer 37 to pick the draw. It also prove from Niger rcoord that if Exeter and Forest green on to each other at home , mark it for one draw, and I prefer 33 to draw.
    therefore this week use


  12. Larry Fans says:

    Welcome to WK 36. My wining lines are: 2*9*11*25*33. Prove for *2 and *9 says final results paper trebble chance 18, game 15 and 17 is a draw every two WK interval, therefore 2 and 9 is a draw. For *11, prove says soccer research paper met at, at d front of the paper, every purple d number there is a draw. Every purple 30/33 is for one draw as far as walsall on top bar hm, I pick *33 e get why. For *25, prove says anytime u add WK number together and it give u ans 9, i.e 1+8= 9,2+7=9,3+6=9, pick milton kd as draws. So Dis WK 36, Milton kd is *25. Admin pls approve. Check discussion room for d nap. Gud luck to me.

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