Week 12 Pools Discussion Room 2020: Post Other Bankers, Winning Line and Ask Questions

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Week 12 Pool Discussion Room 2020


Week 12 Weekend Pool Draw Discussion Room 2020


Welcome to our football pools discussion and chat room for the UK 2020/2021 football pools season.


Here you can post your any comment and it will expressly be approved as long as its not a spam nor abusive comment. Other relevant discussions, chat, exchange football pools ideals, your cannot draw (CND). You can post your winning lines, and carry out your pools exchange of idea here on this forum.


In this section/forum you can post any comment and it will be approved provided you don’t post any spam, abusive or advert related comment. It is necessary to keep the pool banker room focused in providing winning line for members and visitors. Thus, all conversation should be moved to this section or thread. You can post your comments here.


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Post your cannot draw “CND” to warn other members of the dangers associated with that particular number or digits. You can also carry out other conversation concerning comments in the one banker room asking him or her concerning his or her comment (post) in the one banker room, hopefully you get swift response in this thread. Carry out your conversation here, make friends and not enemies and let us all ensure to growth and success of our common quest which is winning our stake with profitable dividend.


On a final note, do not respond to any message that is not from the verified numbers of the administrator as published below on this website. Do not reply such spam and scam message.


Contact Admin. via text message (SMS) +2348151196619 ‘‘For Important Issues Only.’’ Please take note!


Weekend pool draws discussion and chat room 2020 – UK 2020/2021 Season




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  1. "SOURCE" says:

    I’m back to make everyone happy with my key, Welcome to my fan, Now is talk and do time, pls pls let everyone make use of my one banker is 4wk operation wk12 to wk15, WK 12 and wk14 is free. wk13 and wk15 come to nap market, I command No (((((15)))))cbk this wk12. tnx

  2. Juliussmith says:

    My bck xx24 xx,,,. Accrington at 20 ,, mark Blackpool as your draw

  3. Mr Pee says:

    Monday match Special draw for week 11.
    Aston V vs Sheff Utd xxxx2xxxx.
    Week number is going to control total number of draws on coupon just
    like in week 10.
    Check week 11 discussion room thread for more proof.
    Stake single number xxxxx2xxxxx.
    Mr Pee.

  4. Show Love says:

    well come everyone here this week12,i posted two ways nap on sunday
    2xx30xx47 and 3xx30xx47,number 3 has failed so we are expecting no2
    to pick draw today.,,,..good luck and wait for week12 game..

  5. The Undertaker says:

    POOL BULLET please common out here and kindly explain to everyone
    here what happenned to your 4/4 last weekend we will love to hear
    from you. I think you must have been given the wrong key or
    something please check perperly.

    Last night in a breath taking match between Juventus vs Sampdoria I
    was so close to winning #600,000 with my correct score when Ronaldo
    broke my heart with the 3rd goal in the 88th minute to make it 3:0
    full time.
    It was heartbreaking really!

    We won’t give up!

    The journey continues.

    My pairs so far:

    Week11 20xxx pairs 21xxx

    Week12 Coming shortly….

    Welcoming you all to week12 of ukfootballpools!

  6. Promoters Enemy says:

    What a narrow escape. Only admin can understand.
    xxxx20xxxx21xxxx27fffxx30xxxx delivered 3/4.
    Better days ahead. Watch out for wk-12 as I voluntarily wish to help
    the masses.

  7. Gaddafi says:

    Yes o, I have completed four weeks pairs , and this week12 pairs is
    ready in bankers room.
    Admin greetings, and take note.

  8. Afam says:

    Week 12: Banker: xx37xxcbk ( prove @ bankers room)

    Celtic @ home under bar @44, mark MANSFIELD; Exeter; and 37xx by number.

    Mark Charlton away in series Tottenham @ home and mark Sat.date.
    Reff: Week 24 last season!

    Xx26x 37xx .Nap with 10x or 11x


  9. RICH BOY says:

    Welcome to week12
    Week of recovery.
    Single bet and go and sleep.
    3XXX- N5m
    7XXX- N5m
    One must show green…as sure as death.
    See prove in discussion room.
    Able admin over to you.

  10. AUSSIENAFIRE says:

    Welcome to week 12 and pray this week your eyes shall open to see
    draws , last week was terrible as number 9 cut my nap…. Though the
    complete game was not posted..for those that made use of it, I’m
    really sorry for your loses!

  11. Emma says:

    Welcome to week 12
    It was a wonderful one last week after when result start coming out
    one after d oda.so painful to some of us here.
    Pool bullet that was a good one.we all are in this game together,in
    this business some times u lose while some time u gain.
    From wht I noticed in pool bullet game last week was d noba 36 that
    played draw,if not his game is supposed to play 4ova4 because the
    number 36 is d key controller of his game n dt is one of d reason
    why I think d game fail.
    Well from my side,pool bullet dt was a good one.try harder next time
    n I know u will make d platform great.
    My week 12 game looking
    2pair with 3game for two n a banker.
    See u all by Friday.

  12. Optimistclick says:

    Chelsea @ no 7 away nap 26*36*46. Proof coming soon at banker room.

  13. @ukfootballpools says:


    VOID = 14


    EKO = 1,19.

    LKO = 2,7.

    SUNDAY MATCHES = 4,5,6,8,11,44,47



  14. Captain EYO says:

    Please Jack Ben I need your contacts.
    Contact me on 08120115444. Thanks for your understanding.

  15. UD says:

    Thanks everyone for your contribution I give you 15&32 this week 12 see you next week

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